The Travel Scout Program

Join our community of travel scouts and get to travel and experience Africa for free.

What Do Travel Scouts Do?

Travel scouts travel for free; visit and create content assets of different places across Africa — assignments could include visiting or staying overnight at a variety of accommodations like guesthouses, b&bs, tent campsites, cabins, or unique structures; exploring a world heritage site; joining a multi-day group trip; figuring a city on a day trip or being part of an activity.   As a travel scout, you are responsible for providing content assets that capture the assignment brief, as well as the experience of adventuring in the area. Your content helps to set expectations for travellers who may want to visit the area, that you have just experienced.
The travel scout program is an opportunity for you to visit unique places across Africa. Travel for free in exchange for the content assets you create and the experiences you make.

Why Try The Travel Scout Program?

Have safe and life-changing experiences by collaborating with hosts from our community, and showcase the way you see Africa.
  • Make a real, positive impact in showcasing Africa.

  • Collaborate, learn, and exchange experiences with hosts

  • Get immersed in the local culture and practice languages

  • Develop new personal and professional skills

  • Connect with locals and international travelers

  • Travel to new places affordably by saving money on accommodation, experiences and transport

Who Can Become A Scout?

A Travel Scout is a traveller who wants to give back to the communities and places they visit. Open to helping hosts and using the experience to learn and immerse in the local culture.

Anyone over 18 years old

Anybody who wants to have life-changing experiences and is at least 18 years old - there’s no age limit to participate!

No experience necessary

To be a travel scout, you don’t have to be a professional in any certain area - your resumé here is your knowledge, as well as your desire to help and make an impact.

Opportunities for all language levels

You don’t necessarily need to speak a specific language , but each host requires a certain proficiency level in a given language - including English. It’s also a great opportunity for you to practice another language ;)

How do I get started?

The main goal of the Travel Scout Program is content creation. If you are not a content creator but would like to be more involved, please reach out, and let us know which aspects you’d like to be involved in!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Scout?


The Travel Scout Program is a collaborative community that connects you with welcoming hosts all over Africa, where you can stay by exchanging your skills for free travel.  
  • Apply to join
    Create a great profile and opt in to receiving invites to upcoming assignments.
  • Claim Assignments
    We will email you invites to assignments close to you. You have complete freedom to decide whether to participate or not.
  • Get Travelling
    Each time you claim an assignment, and the host approves your request, you just need to pack your bags and go.
What You Are Offering To The Host?
Each host will require your help with creating as well as maintaining communication strategies and assets as per assignment requirements. Assets might include but are not limited to social media posts, blog posts, photography, marketing strategies, etc.
What Do I Get From The Host?
In exchange for your help, you get benefits unique to each assignment and host. And, obviously, new friends, learning, and connections of course!
  • Always Included
    • No hidden fees. Membership is free. Simply join today and start claiming assignments.
Really Often (Depending on the assignment)
  • Meals
  • Accommodation. Usually shared rooms
  • Local transportation
  • Activities & Tours, parties, local discounts, etc
  • Language classes, yoga, permaculture, etc
What Is Not Included!
  • Tickets: It’s solely the travel scout’s responsibility to arrive at and depart from their destination. So plan far enough ahead to get good discounts etc.
  • Financial assistance: The Travel Scouts Program and our hosts are not responsible for any costs you may accrue during the assignment, so plan to have enough spending money.
  • Required documents: Do your research on visas, passports, permits, travel and health insurance, and any other kind of document you need to travel, ok?
  • Travel planning: The Travel Scouts Program is not a travel agency, so it’s up to you to find assignments that suit your skill set and plan your volunteer trip, alright? But of course, you can get your questions about The Travel Scouts Program answered by contacting me via the contact form
  • Payment: Remember that this is an exchange, not a job, so you’ll be helping a host in exchange for the assignment rewards and other benefits!
Who Are The Hosts
They’re friendly people who open their doors for travellers to have a collaborative exchange. They run hospitality businesses such as tour operators, guides, hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, homestays, and more as well as social impact projects with schools, and communities.
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