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Hello, I am Trevor.

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog.

I am an avid traveller with a background in marketing, advertising, and research. I have a weak spot for insights and reading between the lines of data.


Currently travelling backpacking Africa to learn and examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected tourism and hospitality businesses.

Rooots and Routes

With a semi-fluid itinerary, I am attempting to visit over 15 African countries with the overwhelming desire to document and explore small towns, big cities and the beauty in-between.

  There is no solid route mapped out, the plan is to make it up as I go along – from big cities to small towns, stopping to explore all the places you’ve heard of and the places you have not; to show the diversity and beauty of different destinations I will be visiting.   Importantly, I will be using this opportunity to onboard tourism and hospitality businesses to Hello Africa Travel as well as Remote In Africa and keeping an up-to-date directory of businesses that are open and accepting guests.

Why I Am Doing This

When I started thinking and planning this trip in late 2019, COVID-19 struck and life as we know it changed forever. At a crossroads of uncertainty, I decided to take a leap of faith and slowly travel across Africa to explore:  

  • Where in Africa can I travel visa free as a Zimbabwean passport holder?

  • Do I need to vaccinate or not to enter these countries?

  • What is it like to work remotely in different African countries?

  • How COVID-19 has affected tourism and hospitality small and medium enterprises in the destinations I visit?


I wanted to answer these questions in a creative and practical ways. I hope that this will not only contribute to my own personal journey, but also to become a shared resource of document and archiving places I visit.

  ph. mosque on the side of the road on the way to Mangochi turn off. Central Malawi, April 2022

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How I Am Paying For This Trip

I have funded this journey through remote work, contributions from my mother, friends and family. I have been travelling in the most economical way possible, including bartering my skills in exchange for room and board on platforms such as workaway, exploring the future of volunteering in Africa with The Travel Scout Program. as well as providing consumer research, content and website development services.

  Unfortunate as it most certainly is, one truth I've discovered is that this world revolves around money. Therefore, to accomplish the vast majority of goals and dreams I have set for myself on this trip, I need to also have the funds they demand.

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Support Me On This Journey

During the trip I’ll be documenting as much as possible: the people, the buildings, the traffic, the simple, the complex and all the things in-between, all the things that make up life across the different destinations I visit.

  All adventures are a personal affair and I want you to feel part of this odyssey also. I am working hard to create content, resources and rewards that represent my gratitude for your support and my dedication to this adventure.

  With your support, I'll be able to complete this amazing journey! If my financial goal isn’t met I will adjust my travels. The trip will still occur, but it will be scaled accordingly. I’ll travel for as far as my funds allow.

  Your donations will contribute to my budget which cover lodging expenses. food, transportation costs, travel Insurance, COVID-19 PCR test amongst other costs.   ph. coffee with Sipho in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. January 2022.

Other Ways To Support Me

If you don't have the money to spare, or can't hire me. No worries! Support by following and sharing my trip with your friends and family! #roootsandroutes

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I am interested in connecting with welcoming hosts who are interested in securing a new stable revenue stream hosting remote workers.

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African Travel Now

A daily podcast where I talk with people who are travelling now as well as businesses driving African travel forward as the world slowly opens.

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A monthly newsletter with my travel updates; tools; resources and news that allow small business owners and managers to run their operations effectively.

There Is Always One More Paper

Edition 1 of a travel coffee table book bringing you the small towns, big cities, the beauty and stories in-between to your home or backpack from my travels.

Hello Africa Travel

A marketplace that helps you with everything you need to plan and book your next African multiday trip.

The Dinner Klub

I host intimate pop-up dinners in unique spaces to explore what the future of dining in Africa looks like.

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Remote In Africa

Stays tailor-made for remote workers who want flexibility and fast internet for a month or longer.

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Recommendations for spots to eat, places to sleep and things to do with real reviews from my travels to you.

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