The Research Lab

As part of my journey, I am producing a wide range of data analysis, surveys, and in-depth reports to keep African tourism players informed and in the know. Get rewarded for your thoughts and help shape the future of African Travel.

How It Works

  • Sign Up

    Opt into receiving invites to the research panels that I am running.
  • Share Your Thoughts

    I will email you invites to surveys depending on the research opportunity.
  • Claim Your Reward

    Each time you participate, you get rewarded with travel vouchers or gift cards.

Who can sign up?

If you are a traveller over 18, and you're comfortable sharing your opinions and travel habits in detail, then yes! Some research studies can be completed in your own time, some however might involve scheduling specific times with our researchers. We’ll try to be as flexible as we can!
You’re in complete control and you’re not obliged to participate in any of the research we invite you to. You can expect to receive one email invite every few months if you are a match.

How much do I get paid?

For each study you participate in, you will be rewarded with travel credits. The travel credits can be gift cards, Airbnb vouchers, and more
Each study has a different reward, and you’ll be able to see what the reward is before electing to participate. You’ll receive your reward within 3-7 days of completing the study.

How do I get started?

Fill in the form below to express your interest in joining our research panels.
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