It is an attempt to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected African small and medium tourism and hospitality businesses as well as explore and document small towns, big cities and the beauty in between.

The Plan

Head out on a trip to at least 25 countries throughout Africa, exploring the major tourist destinations as well as tiny specks barely noticeable on a map but all are important.
Documenting any aspect of Africa all but requires travelling through it. The regional differences between African countries cannot be undersold. In order to give a truthful, objective, and meaningful portrait of African travel now it is necessary for this project to encompass Africa in its entirety.
I am using the journey to write, podcast, and make videos, about the experiences and people I encounter along the way.  There is no solid route mapped out, the plan is to make it up as I go along – exploring all the places you’ve heard of and even better the places you have not to show the diversity and beauty of different destinations I will be visiting.
Importantly, I will be using this opportunity to keep an up-to-date directory of small to medium tourism enterprises that are open and accepting guests at the moment as well as try out new concepts, and ideas.

Why I am doing this?

When I started thinking and planning this trip in late 2019, COVID-19 struck and life as we know it changed forever. At a crossroads of uncertainty, I decided to take a leap of faith and slowly travel across Africa to:  

  • explore the destinations I can travel visa-free as a Zimbabwean passport holder.

  • observe how COVID-19 has affected tourism and hospitality small and medium enterprises in the destinations I visit?

  • document what is it like to work remotely in the different African destinations that I can travel to visa-free

  • understand who is currently travelling in Africa and what their travel experience has been like.

  • learn how tourism businesses and hospitality owners are using technology to engage consumers during their travel buying cycle.

  • showcase tourism and hospitality investment opportunities in the destinations that I travel to.


I wanted to answer these questions in a creative and practical way. I hope that this will not only contribute to my own personal journey but also become a shared resource of the document and archiving places I visit.

  ph. mosque on the side of the road on the way to Mangochi turn off. Central Malawi, April 2022


Where Am I Going?

One of the things I love about Africa is that each country is completely unique, with its own traditions, idioms, and topography. So, naturally, it was difficult to decide which country I wanted to visit. My decision-making process came down to a couple of things; visa & COVID-19 entry requirements, logistics of getting aroundcost of living, and, of course, food. My itinerary gives you a good general idea of the areas that I want to visit and document. I will adapt, depending on events, to take the safest route possible but at the same time, I will be going off the beaten track as there are many sites I want to experience and share.

Follow My Journey

You can also follow Roots & Routes and the little projects that I get up to on the road during my adventures!

Tour Packages

A directory that helps you with everything you need to plan and book your next African multiday trip.

Day Tours & Experiences

A directory that helps you with everything you need to plan and book your next-day tour or experience.

Places To Visit

A comprehensive guide with places to stay, eat, drink, dance, and unforgettable things to do.

Events & Festival Guide

Keep up to date with event, concert, and festival news, ticket and more.

Route Guide

Everything you need to know about transport options in Africa whether you are going by road, sea, rail or air.

Accommodation Guide

Options to suit everyone, from family hotels to boutique cabins from Cape To Dar es Salaam.

African Travel Now

A daily podcast where I talk with people who are travelling now as well as businesses driving African travel forward as the world slowly opens.

On The Road

A blog that shares travel updates, news, stories, tools and resources to help people plan an African trips.

The Research Lab

Travel is at the heart of everything I do. Your support helps me to build authentic African experiences.

The Scout Program

A collaborative community that connects you with welcoming hosts all over Africa, where you can travel for free by exchanging your skills.  

A View From Here

Sharing a photo daily of the people, buildings, traffic, and all the things in between that make up daily lives of the places visit.

Website Bootcamp

a one-day immersive website development program for tourism and hospitality businesses.

Show Me Your City

Are you interested in hosting me in your house, hotel, guest house, bed and breakfast, hotel, or campsite? I am not picky. I clean up after myself and will contribute stories, good times, and all insights.


Parole Podcast

I had a conversation with Nyamoya Boyi on her podcast that brings stories of opportunities of what is happening around the world with a focus on Africa.

IOL Travel

I had a conversation with Thobile Mazibuko from IOL Travel about backpacking South Africa.

How I Am Paying For This Trip

Unfortunate as it most certainly is, one truth I've discovered is that this world revolves around money. Therefore, to accomplish the vast majority of goals and dreams I have set for myself on this project, I need to also have the funds they demand. All our lives, the only thing that has held us back from our life of wandering is money. Now I have the time and the physical ability, but not the money.
I have been funded on this journey through bartering, remote work, friends, and family contributions. I have been travelling in the most economical way possible, including bartering my skills in exchange for room and board and utilizing platforms such as Workaway where possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any time you set out on a project like this they're always potential risks involved. What if I get lost? What if public transportation breaks down? What if I run into bad weather or, worst of all, die?
I'm fully aware that things don't always go exactly as planned, but I'm maybe even more aware that the unexpected bumps are sometimes what make the best adventures.
I believe in always having a plan B and sometimes plans C and D too. I'll continuously be preparing for the worst, but expecting the best. Almost every element of the journey has some level of flexibility, and adaptability is a paramount component of every plan made.
I love to travel and risk is an inevitable part of it. I have no intention of voluntarily getting in harm's way and will always choose the safest route to keep everyone safe. I have every intention to get home safe and sound!
What if there's bad weather?
I've allotted extra time to wait it out. The project schedule will, in some instances, be a bit of a moving target with a certain amount of flexibility.
What if the wifi goes down?
The world will come to an end as we know it... Realistically, this might lead to an interruption of updates and bring other difficulties, but I'll deal with those as they happen.
Will you be travelling alone?
I hope not! I have several friends who will likely be joining me for different legs of the trip. They have all graciously offered to not only keep me company but also be the much-needed assistance and extra hands that I will need in order to successfully document, photograph and get the most of each location.
When will all of this be happening?
I left Cape Town in June 2021 and hope to be on the road for 18 months.
Why aren’t you visiting _____ location?
The trip is an ever-evolving adventure with locations being added all the time. Even if I am on the road already, if the right location pops up and I can make it happen, you better believe I will! Please feel free to email me suggestions.
Can you take my portrait while you are on the road?
You bet! If you are somewhat along my general route, I would be more than thrilled to make a pit stop for an amazing portrait session. Email me and we can work out the details!
What's the most awesome thing about this project?
We're attempting to create the opportunity for any traveller to embark on an excursion across Africa. Sure, there's a rough agenda (to experience all that is Africa) with some solid leadership and guidance (we'll be along with everyone), but everyone has a say in where we go and what we do. We'll create our own fresh adventure every day. Getting there is, like, 97% of the fun...
Where does my money go?
Your donation helps me along the trip with expenses such as transportation, accommodation, PCR Tests, and food. The remaining funds will cover equipment for filming such as a boom mike, possibly a GoPro, and film and casing. We are appreciative of anything you can donate, we are happy to send you postcards, artwork (seen above), and more!
When do I get my reward?
Rewards will be sent.
I really can't make a pledge right now, is there another way I can help?
Absolutely :) The biggest thing you can do to help is to share this project with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or your other favorite sites
I'm interested in offering corporate support, how can I contact you about that?
You can email me either via the contact form
How can you get involved? 
You're in the right place! We've listed some ways for you to be a part of the experience via the incentives! If you are unable to give financially but still want to help, you can always post this project on social media. A like on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter can mean a lot more than you might think. Spreading the word in person is always a possibility, too.
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