Hi, I am Trevor Chomumwe.

Third-Culture kid that’s always been trying to understand my cultural identity. This pursuit of learning about myself has built my passion to learn about the world around me.
Originally from Bulawayo, a city that Lobengula burnt to the ground when the colonisers came. I later found myself in the (almost) middle of South Africa exploring the City of Johannesburg.
Currently, I am travelling across Africa to learn and examine how COVID-19 has affected the tourism and hospitality industry.
I am also:
  • always looking for suggestions of place to eat
  • looking to consult, build and collaborate on tourism development projects across Southern Africa.
  • I am always down for a board game
  • turned on by databases. lol
  • Intrigued by other regular shenanigans including camping, themed parties, plant propagation and people watching.
Photo: Close to the Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa on my way to catch the bus to Lilongwe, Malawi. March 2022. Taken by Dudu Dube.
(c) Trevor Chomumwe 2023